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  You Asked?

How do I sign up? –

Be sure to include all your contact information and accurate email address.

  • Complete the Company, Name, Address, P/Zip code, telephone and fax information in detail. Your email address must be entered accurately.
  • Submit the information you entered.
  • Select the “method of payment”.
  • Enter the according information about your payment method.
  • Submit your payment information.

Now you are ready to get started!

  • Select “Interchange” to begin utilizing the fast and efficient cross reference interchange data. Appreciate the significant time saving ability of

“Customize your search” using complete or incomplete fragments of the part number, or use any combination of letters or numbers. The database search engines will quickly locate accurate matches.

Frequent users of the interchange search engines realize there are several ways to access the data and can reduce steps to acquire their cross reference information.

  • Select “Exchange” to list parts for sale or to enter a wanted poster.

This is where is unique in the world of www. parts sites. All the classified listings are automatically integrated with the interchange database. A search for one specific part number will automatically produce a list of alternate cross products from other high quality manufactures, their location and cost values (assuming they are posted in the site) This bonus significantly broadens the opportunity to move your product and to have other listers see alternatives to their wanted posting. Great problem solver for everyone. For example; enter a Walker muffler number, if there is an identical cross reference number listed by someone else, maybe a Goerlich or Midas/Ipc, it will automatically show up alongside your listing when the site it searched.

The parts could be in 3 Provinces and 7 States; this allows the customer to access the closest like part to his location. Fast service, great customer satisfaction.

Select “Forum” to identify specific fit and product issues to other users and technicians all over the world. All forum information is tied to the interchange and exchange through the database. When a user identifies a unique problem or benefit in using interchangeable products the information needs to be shared. The manufacturers appreciate the feedback we give them, they in turn use our information to better understand their market place. Identical doesn’t always mean the same, through communication in the Forum, time can be saved for your technician and the customer. Everyone is happier. Make friends by sharing information on a regular basis.

Contact us at . If you have specific questions pertaining to this site.

Why subscribe to PartsNX  part number interchange and cross reference services?

After 28 years of working in the automotive service industry, there is one thing that I recognize as a frustrating, time wasting, problem for all of us.  We spend huge, often non-productive time digging through the back of the catalogue hoping to identify an accurate cross to the part line we sell and recognize.  Hopefully the customer is patient and willing to wait, and that you find an accurate interchange/cross and the part is available.  PartsNX supplies this service instantly.

What if the cross reference / interchange I require is not currently in PartsNX?

PartsNX is updating and adding interchanges to the site on a daily basis.  The more cross reference data we acquire the more complete the data set will become.  We expect our customers to inform us of missing data or manufacturers on a regular basis.

Our commitment to you is we will get the data and have it available in the site as quickly as possible.

Can I list my shelf dead slow moving or surplus inventories in PartsNX so other industry players can see what I have?

Absolutely!  This is one of the sweetest bonuses in the PartsNX site.  Our classified listing area is linked to the interchange data and manufacturer list.  When posting or searching the listings, the site will automatically spider search through the interchange to identify the proper manufacturer name and part number configuration for you. Listings are posted accurately and all other listings automatically become interchanged to yours.  For example; if someone is looking for a shock absorber manufactured by Gabriel and your listing matches but is a Monroe or KYB, the site will identify this to the person searching.  They now have successfully found a matching product and can complete the sale with you.  Both the lister and purchaser have quickly found a just-in-time solution to their problem.  Our motto is “show and sell it”.

If I note a problem with an interchange what do I do to have it corrected?

Email us directly or use the “forum” to tell us and everyone else who uses the site about the problem.  Monitoring the quality of data is accomplished in two ways; first through user feed back and annotation to the particular part number listing, secondly through our direct communication with individual manufactures catalogue and technical departments.

Running changes and updates are happening on a daily basis.  How convenient and efficient would it be to know in advance which aftermarket part is a precise match and direct fit to the one you are replacing or if some modification is required before installation.   We supply an industry cross-reference, you supply the knowledge that helps others avoid wasted time and installation troubles.

Can I supply cross reference data to

Yes, PartsNX is growing constantly!  We reserve the right to qualify the accuracy of the information before we incorporate it into the data-base.  Our filtering system will automatically check to see if the data already exists and will not allow duplication of existing manufacturer supplied data.  We are particularly interested in obsolete and supersession data when available. Electronic formats are preferred but hard copy is welcome.For more information email

Why would I use PartsNX instead of EBay?

Good Question – PartsNX supplies detailed identification data about your part, namely its part number.  Sites like EBay allow listings with broad descriptions. No other site offers interchange / cross reference data to broaden the marketability of your part.

PartsNX is a business to business site, designed to assist the parts and repair industry. The general public can browse areas of PartsNX, however our target-market audience is the parts counter sales and installation people that work in the auto and truck repair industry.

How does PartsNX assist me in making tough sales?

Each individual manufacturer has branded names and unique part number series and configurations.  As sellers and installers of these parts we become comfortable and accustomed to dealing with numbers we recognize.  It is similar to languages that we learn and become fluent in.  A unknown part number or manufacturer is like seeing a foreign language, we don’t recognize it and can’t translate it without help.  PartsNX is the universal part number translator. “ Your part is the same as this part, this number is a direct cross / interchange to your part number”, now you are familiar with its fit and application and can supply the right part for your customer.

Can PartsNX assist me in recognizing buying opportunities?

Yes, once you recognize the availability of a direct cross / interchange to your part, you have an immediate opportunity to make a sale.  The other larger opportunity is to utilize the complete line interchange capability of PartsNX.  You can easily understand the value of a group of inventory if it can be crossed to a manufacturer part number series you recognize.  Without this understanding you take a huge risk buying bulk inventories in a part line you have no history with.

What other benefits are there in being a subscriber to PartsNx?

Current benefits include:

  • a comprehensive and incredibly powerful interchange cross reference data base
  • a detailed classified ad and want ad listing area linked to the cross reference data
  • a discussion forum with annotations to the data
  • surveys and talk back capability


  • technical help linked through companies like All Data, Mitchell-On-Line and AITN
  • a library of specific manufacturers or resellers with links to their sites.

 As PartsNX continues to grow, other value added capabilities will further increase the attractiveness and draw to the site.

Is there a cost to being a member of PartsNX ?

Initially there is no charge to utilize the powers of PartsNX.  In the future subsribers will pay a nominal fee for the benefits PartsNX provides.  Like all valuable problem solving tools, the price will be worth every penny! Registered members will receive ample notice of any changes to our usage policies.

How can I pay for my subscription?

Simply register online. We accept VISA and Mastercard via an SSL encrypted application and the process is simple, safe, confidential and quick. For our fee schedule click rates

Is PartsNX an international site?

Yes. can be accessed worldwide on the Internet.  If you have a connection, regardless of speed, you can enjoy the benefits.  Future developments will include international translations to allow comfortable use by non-English speaking customers.  

What if I am not happy with

We are dedicated to providing a superior, unmatchable level of service, if you are still not satisfied, and have paid for a subscription, we will gladly refund your fee.  Our hope is that you will not be able to live without the power of PartsNX and will tell all your associates about us.

Is there a specific browser that I should use?

PartsNX is  structured to function with most browsers.  For technical support using our site contact - for assistance.

What file formats can you accept interchange data in?

We prefer the data in special delimited text files.    For more information on how we can import your data, contact for specific answers to data related questions.

How fast is PartsNX searching capability?

Extremely fast and designed to accommodate an infinite number of simultaneous users.  The speed of your computer and internet connection will control how fast your searches happen.  A fast computer and high speed internet connection, means faster searches. is looking for cross-reference data on an ongoing basis, if you want to contribute to email us. We want to hear from you and anyone else with data. will absorb an infinite amount of cross-reference interchange data. We reserve the right to qualify and determine the accuracy of any data contributed to the site. Donors will be recognized in the information area of For more information email

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